What is located at the pin-point? What nationality? Minature Wonderland is mostly about? Location? Location? What is the white building with the four doors? What street? What building? What building? What building? What is true? What building? What street? What church? What church? What church? What church? Fountain in what neighbourhood? What? Today a part of Hamburg? Where? How many lifts at each side of the old Elbe tunnel? What river forms a small and a big lake in Hamburg? What major river runs through Hamburg? "S" in S-Bahn stands for what in German? Why the cable? What is the building to the right? The old Elbe tunnel is at least how long? First H in HH stands for? Hamburg is part of what German state? Population of Hamburg Metropolitan area? Population of Hamburg City? Most likely title? What neighbourhood? Who? What is that light? What in Hamburg? What music band in Hamburg? What street starts here?

Test, Quiz and Trivia

A friendlytest is mainly a divice to help you learn, memorize and recollect things. But it can also be used as a quiz or a trivia type of game.