What church? What church? What church? What is Salzspeicher in Lübeck? Holstentor in Lübeck is facing? Holstentor in Lübeck is an old? What is Schiffergesellschaft? Who has a Museum in Lübeck? Which novel by Thomas Mann is the name of a museum in Lübeck? Why is Lübeck listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site What is Niederegger in Lübeck? Main street of Lübeck is called? In Lübeck, Bucu is? Lübeckʼs old town is located? Name of painting? Lübeck played a major role in? Lübeck was once a major exporter of? Among other things Lübeck is known for? Lübeck has a unique museum of? Lübeck is located in what part of Germany? What river runs through Lübeck? Among other things Lübeck is known for? Lübeckʼs population is around? Lubeck is located in what state of Germany?

Test, Quiz and Trivia

A friendlytest is mainly a divice to help you learn, memorize and recollect things. But it can also be used as a quiz or a trivia type of game.