What is the distance from Copenhagen to Møn? Which churches have frescos by the Elmelunde Master? The cliffs of Møn are made of ... Denmarkʼs longest barrow, is located near ... Now breeds again at the Cliffs of Møn? What is special about the church of Nyord? Lolles Gård Restaurant? Why has the bridge from Møn to Nyord a gate? How many bridges connect Møn to other islands? How tall are the cliffs of Møn? Location of the cliffs of Møn? Compared to Malta, Møn is ... Population of Stege? Population of Møn? City gate of Stege is called? What are in her hands? How long is the Mediaeval rampart in Stege? What church? What church? What church?

Test, Quiz and Trivia

A friendlytest is mainly a divice to help you learn, memorize and recollect things. But it can also be used as a quiz or a trivia type of game.