Where? Edinburgh Castle? Where? Where? Tip of peninsula? Name of island? Popular name? Name of river in Glasgow? What bridge? What bridge? Name of gun? What church? Not far from? Not far from? Where? Where? Top of Scotland? On the way to? The commandos are facing? Where? What lake? What lake? What castle? What castle? What castle? What city in Scotland? Compared to Tasmanian, Scotland is? The highest mountains of Scotland are more than? The highest mountain in the British Isles? A Mountain bigger than 3000 feet (914.4 meter) is called? The flag of Scotland is also called? Which Scotch city has been called the Oil Capital of Europe? How many people live in Scotland? Edinburgh Airport is located? Can you drive to the Isle of Skye? What is the name of the third largest city of Scotland? What is the name of the biggest city of Scotland? What is the name of the capital of Scotland?

Test, Quiz and Trivia

A friendlytest is mainly a divice to help you learn, memorize and recollect things. But it can also be used as a quiz or a trivia type of game.